Saturday, 22 June 2013

Midsummer Dream

Being half swedish and going to a Midsummer celebration it was of course vital to paint my nails accordingly! I thought about what would really represent Swedish midsummer and naturally I came to the conclusion I needed flowers and Swedish flags! I decided to go for daisy style flowers on a blue background as that felt more summery and a bit more Swedish than other flower manis I've created before.

Flower Nail Art
Summery and Swedish!

\Summer Nail Art

Midsummer Nail Art, Flowers and Swedish Flag Manicure

Midsommar Nail Art

This was easy to do - the Swedish flags were probably the harder bits, I included a picture of the mani pre-swedish flag as I think this would be cute for any time of year without it, not just midsummer!
Daisy Flower Nail Art
Pre-Swedish Flag

prinsesstårta, Prinsesstarta Cupcakes
I also made prinsesstarta cupcakes!

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