Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Mini Polka

I have played around with my dotting tools quite a bit, and decided to try a slightly more difficult polka dotted pattern (just smaller dots really). I selected black as a basecoat and paired it with a soft pink, as I wanted it to almost appear as black and white, but maybe a little warmer in colour. Please ignore my cuticle on my thumb, TERRIBLE!

Polka Dot ManicurePolka Dot Nail Art

I liked how this mani reminded me of close up pictures of fly's eyes, (weird huh?). 
It was difficult to keep the polka dots uniform, and I think occasionally I ended up with slightly larger dots, as you can probably see in the pictures. Despite that, I loved this mani, I think it was quite eye catching from far away, and close up quite impressive. It wasn't too difficult to do, but required quite a bit of time and concentration as well as a steady hand! Well worth the effort though!

Thanks for reading!

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